Chair (4pcs)


Model: Mariolina
Year: 2002
Type: Stacking Chair
Manufacturer: Magis
Origin: Italy
Design: Enzo Mari
Material: Polypropylene, Chromed Steel
Dimensions: W 46 x D 48 x H 85 / SH 48 cm


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Enzo Mari is considered to be one of the greatest exponents of Italian design, and indeed of world design. The creator of innumerable pieces that have become veritable icons, as well as an avant-garde academic, he loves archetypal shapes onto which he grafts his formulations, his talent and his leaps into the future. 

Mariolina is no exception. The image is only apparently a simple, fifties-style chair, and features a series of extra details that transform a humble seat into an intelligent object: the legs in chromed steel tube are in fact slimmer and more precise in section, and the polypropylene seat and back are not screwed or riveted to the frame, and are instead attached using a series of moulded ribs that grip the metal frame on the rear of the seat and back. 

Stackable up to 12 units.