Cordless Phone


Model: DP 01 Cordless Phone
Year: 2010
Type: Cordless Phone
Manufacturer: Punkt
Origin: Switzerland
Design: Jasper Morrison
Dimensions: W 48 x D 20 x H 155 mm

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Additional Info

The more our phones do, the less we get done. The Punkt. DP 01 delivers the ultimate simplicity of a modern DECT analog phone that does just what a phone is supposed to do: make calls. No frills, no confusing array of "advanced" functions: the DP 01 is about straightforward communication, in a superbly designed object that will complement any setting.


• Visual answering machine
Easily check for new messages using the visual interface by date; this enables you to select directly the messages you are interested in without having to listen to the whole recorded time sequence.
• 100 Contacts
Memorize up to 100 entries in the contact list with 3 different numbers for each entry.
• High quality audio
Enjoy all your conversations in crystal clear audio quality.
Max Transmission Range: 40 m indoor / 200 m outdoor.
• Horizontal and vertical positioning
The clever design of the DP 01 lets you decide the best way to position it in your home: placed horizontally on a flat surface or vertically wall mounted.
• Hands-free function
The handset is specifically designed to be stable on a flat surface, so you can enjoy convenient hands-free communication while you are busy with an activity.
• Ringtones composed by Scanner
A non-intrusive and particularly crisp set of sounds characterizes the DP 01 as a phone that softly integrates itself in any type of environment.

In the box

• Handset
• Base
• Power supply (180+180cm)
• 2 Ni-MH AAA rechargeable batteries
• RJ11 cable (180+200cm)
• Quick installation guide

Country compatibility versions

• Benelux : Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg
• EU : Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France, Austria, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Portugal
• UK : United Kingdom, Ireland