Cutlery (24pcs)


Model: Mono-A 24pcs
Year: 1959
Type: Cutlery
Manufacturer: Mono
Origin: Germany
Design: Peter Raacke
Material: Stainless Steel 18/10
Table Fork L 207 mm
Table Knife (Short Blade) L 213 mm
Table Spoon L 213 mm
Tea Spoon L 150 mm

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Additional Info

When introduced in 1959 mono-a heralded a new era – it was the first flatware that totally rejected any decorative elements. The name mono stems from the fact that the knife was originally made out of one single piece of stainless steel, a so-called monolith. At the same time, it is a reference to the singular nature of the design. Prof. Raacke’s design is the most sold designer flatware in Germany, and continues to enlarge its fan base across the globe. Innumerable awards and exhibits, at home and abroad, are testimony to the iconic nature of this modern design.