Kitchen Shears

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Model: Multi-Purpose Kitchen Shears
Type: Kitchen Shears
Manufacturer: Zwilling
Origin: Germany
Material: Stainless Steel
Blade Length: 90 mm
Handle Length: 110 mm
Length: 200 mm
Weight: 0.149 kg

Estimated Delivery: 10–15 working days

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The practical multi-purpose scissors from ZWILLING’s kitchen range impress with functional and traditional design in matte steel. Their 20 cm length makes them suitable for various household tasks. The tough, hand-sharpened blades cut cardboard, paper, flowers and herbs, without crushing them. Micro teeth ensure the material always stays in place. The special shape of the scissors’ blades mean the scissors can also be used to open bottles, and remove screw caps and lids.

The stainless steel multi-purpose scissors guarantee consistent stability. The corrosion resistance is further enhanced by special high-quality ice-hardening of the material with the FRIODUR® brand logo. These all-purpose scissors represent perfect cutting and versatile application in the kitchen, garden and for crafts. Their classic shape is easily adapted to a variety of uses. Put the scissors on a hook or in a drawer, so the multi-purpose ZWILLING scissors are always to hand.