Pendant Lamp


Model: PH 4/3 Pendant
Year: 1966
Type: Pendant Lamp
Manufacturer: Louis Poulsen
Origin: Denmark
Design: Poul Henningsen
Material: Aluminium
Light Source: 1 x 100W E27
Dimensions: Ø 400 x H 200 mm
Cable Lenght: 3 m

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Additional Info

The fixture is designed based on the principle of a reflective three-shade system, which directs the majority of the light downwards. The shades are made of metal and painted white to ensure uniform, comfortable light distribution.

The PH 4/3 Metal Pendant was launched in 1966. Its design follows the general three-shade system based on the logarithmic spiral, with the centre of the light source positioned at the centre of the spiral. This light is a simplification of the light PH designed in 1929.