Pruning Shears


Model: Okatsune 217
Type: Pruning Shears
Manufacturer: Okatsune
Origin: Japan
Material: Steel, Wood
Total Length: 535 mm
Handle Length: 300 mm
Blade Length: 175 mm
Weight: 800 g

Estimated Delivery: 7–12 working days

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Additional Info

Okatsune shrub shears are very user friendly, and a pleasure to use. You will notice that you can very accurately shape your hedge with ease. The handles of Japanese white oak are well-known to absorb vibration, therefore working with these shears will be a very pleasant experience. The combination of the 175 mm long blade, and the handles of 300 mm ensures a perfect balance, and sufficient strength that you need to easily cut the hedge, or prune the branches.

The blades of these Japanese shrub shears (Karikomi Basami) are uniquely forged from the finest IZUMO YASUGI steel, and have a very high Rockwell hardness of 60.0 to 61.0. Therefore, the blades stay sharp for a long time and they consistently give a clean and precise cut in the wood, without giving much effort. Furthermore, Okatsune combines the hardness with a special flexibility, so that the cutting blade always aligns with the counter blade, even after intensive usage.

The shears are constructed from a few components, so that there is hardly any maintenance required. It is recommended to clean the blades after each use. After cleaning it is recommended to oil the shears, and store moisture free with the cutting blades closed.

A leather sheath for the blade is included.