Salad Servers


Model: Certamente
Year: 2007
Type: Salad Servers
Manufacturer: Serafino Zani
Origin: Italy
Design: Konstantin Grcic
Material: Stainless Steel
Dimensions: L 260 x W 80 mm 

Estimated Delivery: 2–7 working days

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Additional Info

A pair of salad servers in drawn sheet steel, Certamente is part of the project «Passami Il Sale», literally «pass the salt, please» where Konstantin Grcic is experimenting with a contemporary use of steel as an everyday material, strong and durable and the same time elegant, an original presence in the day-to-day scenario of our households.

Created by a designer who seeks a delicate balance between production needs and expressive languages, Certamente is the perfect example of how Grcic’s minimalist language reinterprets steel through basic geometries, asymmetries and sharp cuts, like metal origamis of extreme simplicity, that get across a feel of the hand that crafted them.

The empty designed with a steel wire takes shape and a function.