Soy Sauce Bottle


Model: G-Type Soy Sauce Bottle
Year: 1958
Type: Soy Sauce Dispenser
Manufacturer: Hakusan Porcelain
Origin: Japan
Design: Masahiro Mori
Material: porcelain
Dimensions: Ø 68 x H 90 mm
Capacity: 150 ml

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Additional Info

In Japan, it is customary to serve soy sauce in a dispenser instead of the original bottle. An essential item on any Japanese table, each family has at least one dispenser and there are many types on the market. Still in production nearly 50 years after its debut, the G-type Soy Sauce Dispenser is a design that has passed the test of time. Designed in 1958, it is known as one of Masahiro Mori’s most famous pieces for Hakusan Porcelain, having been awarded the Good Design Prize in 1960 and the Long Life Design Prize in 1977 for its combination of functionality and a simple, beautiful form. The elephant trunk-like spout makes it easy to pour without dripping.