Model: Ulm Stool
Year: 1955
Type: Stool
Manufacturer: WB Form
Origin: Switzerland
Design: Max Bill, Hans Gugelot
Material: Spruce, Beech
Dimensions: W 395 x D 295 x H 440 mm

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Additional Info

With the motto “minimal design, maximum utility,” Max Bill and Dutch designer Hans Gugelot, designed the simple Ulm Stool for the Ulm School of Design in 1955. The stool was developed as a low cost, mass-produced chair for the students at the school, and is characterised by its extreme economy of form and material combined with clever functionality. The square, three-sided stool features a round cross bar, which is used to carry it, and also braces the two sides so that it can also be used sideways as a small table. The sturdy, light weight stool became an instant design classic because of its flexibility, and went on to inspire generations of design students in Ulm.