Table Lamp


Model: w152 Busby
Year: 2015
Type: Table Lamp
Manufacturer: Wästberg
Origin: Sweden
Design: Industrial Facility
Material: Anodised Aluminium
Light Source: 6W Led (Light Source Included)
Dimensions: W 235 x L 270 x H 90 mm   

Estimated Delivery: 7–12 working days

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Additional Info

This is not a story about gadgetry (regardless technical achievements), but rather an affirmation about how we live – that wherever light is supplied, power is often also required to charge our burgeoning electronic devices. w152 busby is an electronic lamp that provides intelligent universal power from three USB outlets, detecting charging requirements and managing them at their fastest rate, however many variable devices are plugged in. It provides up to 3 Amps of power - enough to charge the latest generation of laptop computers. It can be supplied either as a freestanding or wall-mountable lamp, or built-in to a surface. The w152 illuminates and powers the office, the workshop, the library, the living room and the bedside table.