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Model: Classic Toaster
Type: Toaster
Year: 1950
Manufacturer: Dualit
Origin: UK
Material: Stainless Steel
Finishes: Polished

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Hand built in the UK since the 1950's, the Classic Toaster has earned its place as a kitchen essential. Featuring fully replaceable or repairable parts, timeless styling and the unique, patented Preheat element.

2 Slot NewGen

The 2 slot NewGen toaster offers all the styling and functionality you would expect from a Dualit toaster, along with the additional features of a defrost setting for frozen bread and the option to toast buns and bagels. The selector control allows you to heat either one or both slots.

4 Slot Newgen

The 4 slot NewGen toaster is perfect for the whole family, or canteen, and offers all the same functionality as the 2 slot NewGen, with defrost and bagel settings as well as Dualit's classic styling, mechanical timer and ejector lever. The selector control allows you to heat one, two, three or all four slots.

6 Slot Vario

The 6 slot Vario toaster can produce a staggering 240 rounds of toast every hour, and is perfect for catering environments or large families. It is undeniably Dualit in styling, with Dualit's trademark mechanical timer and ejector lever. Unlike the 2 and 4 slot NewGen versions, it does not incorporate defrost or bagel settings. The selector control allows you to heat two, four or all six slots.