Tumblers (6pcs)


Model: 00345HS
Year: 1967
Type: Glassware
Manufacturer: Toyo–Sasaki Glass
Origin: Japan
Material: Glass
Dimensions: Ø 67 x H 80 mm
Capacity: 200 ml

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Additional Info

The HS Stackable Glass Tumblers from Toyo–Sasaki Glass have been a best-selling product for over 40 years. Featuring the Hard Strong (HS) glass-strengthening technology developed by Toyo–Sasaki in 1967, this tumbler is more durable than standard glassware. The HS is applied to the top portion of the glass, which toughens the glass so that it is resistant to chipping, especially when stacked with other Toyo–Sasaki stackable tumblers. Renowned for their durability, these glasses are the industry standard for the foodservice and hospitality sectors in Japan. These resilient glasses have a slight protrusion that makes the glasses easy to hold and stack. This design has been awarded the Good Design Award and the Good Design-Long Life Design Award.